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2010 – The Loop – Vegas – Grand Canyon – Monument Valley – Antelope Canyon – Zion

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This trip started off by going to Los Angeles, hitting a pot-hole, getting a flat, tried to get it fixed but couldn’t, the wheel was destroyed.

3/2/2010 – Drove back to Vegas got a flat on the spare. Got towed 80 miles to Desert Audi, Las Vegas that evening 3 hours later, not cheap… Missed my bosses rare visit to Las Vegas.

3/4/2010 – Got the car back, 4 new tires and wheels later, this was our only fast choice since 1 wheel was destroyed.

We started out our trip on Saturday only to find the car had an extreme vibration over 55MPH. Guess what no choice again… We have a 340 HP Audi S4 going on vacation and we can only drive 55MPH ouch… I guess no tickets on this one…

This car is not made for 55 here is a picture of the car @ “valley of fire.” Normally this car is great to drive (even over 55mph :)) I do have to say driving 55 gave me a whole new experience of driving and getting passed by Uhauls and everything…

Here is the map of the route. You can click on it to see the details. You can see we went slightly out of the way to avoid the Hover dam slow down.

The pictures are not in order of time.

So here is the entrance to lower Antelope Canyon. You climb down that crack. Pretty amazing.

Here is the next steps inside the crack.

Once inside you get some great views. We opted for the 26$ “no-tour”, but we still had a guy playing guitar for us.

Kasia and I inside.

This was right outside the grand canyon, heading from South Rim to Page, AZ, the fist stop after the sign that says, “really, really good food.”

Below is Kasia with our friends Wojtek and Agata, and 2 kids…

No great Zion Pictures, but we will go back and take some…

Update on the car. (3/11/2010)

So the problem was Desert Audi put the wrong wheels on the car. They used wheels made for a 09 Audi (B8), not a 06 (B7 has different hub size). Anyway 2 days they have been trying to fix it but it is still in the shop. During this time they found 2 of the new tires were bad so they replaced them and now they tried some hub ring that adapts the wheel to the hub, but it was slightly the wrong size and it still had a small vibration. They are now trying new ones and hopefully, it will be fine in another 2 hours. Man, this was painful when all we did is get a flat tire…

They are ordering new wheels to be here for next week, but we want to continue our trip on to San Francisco tomorrow morning…