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Hello. I’m Alex VanLaningham. I’m a freelance technical product manager. I have developed projects for Microsoft, HP, and Intel to name a few. I prefer smaller teams and smaller projects. Been doing this for 15+ years. Part-time product consulting can have a significant impact on bringing your vision forward. Learn More

Previously, I owned and managed a guitar store. It was fun. I learned a lot.

Ready, Fire, Aim

Alex VanLaningham

My goal as a product manager is to quickly deliver the most useful software we can. Ready, fire, aim describes how lean teams quickly deliver useful software. Start with the minimal effort to validate ideas. This could be a marketing only verification. Once you know your answers it’s time to aim.

Studies show when people are 100% sure of something that only 85% of the time they are correct. When 90% sure, it brings it down closer to 60% of the time they are correct. Designing around the wrong assumptions is an expensive investment strategy. First, validate your assumptions using or talking to real customers. WordPress is a fantastic platform for rapidly testing your ideas. You might be surprised how much can be accomplished in days rather than months.


Product Designer

My strongest skill is to build useful products. This is accomplished by talking to customers and quickly testing ideas. Design is not what it looks like, it’s how it works.



I led a dev team of ~50 dev/QA/design. As a product manager, I prefer to directly manage a small dev team. I keep on top of most new trends in technology.


I was a professional developer for 12+ years. I still code in NodeJS for fun. I pride myself in being a very technical product manager.



I have worked with marketing gods. I aspire to be one but alas I am not. I believe a great marketer is a salesman first and foremost I know how to identify, hire and manage great marketers.

UI / UX Guy

Building the right product is the primary ingredient. Great design and UX are the toppings on the cake. I love to push designers. I am decent myself. Keep it simple following Steven Krug – “Don’t make me think.”


I have a beautiful wife and two young kids that are so much fun. I strongly believe in work-life balance for both myself, my teams and the company. I believe creativity is fueled by downtime.


Finding a great product manager is difficult. Affording one might not be possible. If you are a small SAAS web-based product company or team (30k-100k / month in product investment), your pain is my passion. Working with the right product coach to improve your agile processes as well as product prioritization and design will likely have a significant impact. I assure you that using me as a 20% product coach can provide you 80% of the value of a great local product manager. That might include teaching your current product manager to be the best he or she can be.

An existing team or project
Let’s shape what you have into a well-oiled machine. Making sure your dev team is producing consistent quality with minimized work in progress frees the organization up to focus on high-value features. Bugs should not be an issue. How can I help?

  • Determine any gaps in your team or project and assist in filling them (I also have access to some fantastic people that work at very reasonable rates)
  • Get your dev team very agile and delivering predictable quality. Limit work in progress. Create highly usable and beautiful products. Allow you to change priorities in days, not weeks or months.
  • Teach your team how to prioritize, design and launch new features. Listen to your customer. Verify value and interest before investing.

Starting from scratch

  • Attract and hire high-value talent. Including development, design, marketing, as well as product management.
  • Help assess the product you should be building
  • I can teach or build your team to build and execute micro-services and/or continuous delivery.&nbps;

    All this can be done remotely in “a few” hours a week.

    You can see my LinkedIn profile here


Happy Clients

I have built a few apps, one I am proud of


IT WAS My first app

The third heart rate variability app in the IOS app store. Now there are more than twenty.



For most athletes, this means they need more rest. 




For performing clinical research



IT's used by olympic athletes

The US Speed Skating Team uses it


THEY won GOLD meDals

One athlete contacted me and said HRV+ helped my training during 2015.  I looked at Wikipedia she won four gold medals that year.

It's simple and great

You can check it out.