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The Right Product, the Right Market

I am Alex VanLaningham. My current title is VP of Product but really I am a technical product manager and technology researcher. I specialize in building low friction remote development teams that deliver useful products.  I like to be hands-on and produce value quickly.  I have designed and developed projects for the last 17+ years for Microsoft, HP, and Intel to name a few.  I prefer small teams. Learn More

Previously, I owned and managed a guitar store. It was fun. I learned a lot.

People First – Building A Teams

Alex VanLaningham

My greatest strength is finding, attracting and retaining teams and individuals that market and deliver useful software. In my experience, soft skills and process are typically the most critical ingredients in team success.


Product Designer

I love working with great people and delivering useful products. Talking to customers and quickly testing ideas. Design is not what it looks like, it’s how it works.



I led a dev team of ~50 dev/QA/design. As a product manager, I prefer to directly manage a small dev team. I keep on top of most new trends in technology.


I was a professional developer for 12+ years. I still code in NodeJS for fun. I pride myself in being a very technical product manager.



I have worked with marketing gods. I aspire to be one but alas I am not. I believe a great marketer is a salesman first and foremost I know how to identify, hire and manage great marketers.

UI / UX Guy

Building the right product is the primary ingredient. Great design and UX are the toppings on the cake. I love to push designers. I am decent myself. Keep it simple following Steven Krug – “Don’t make me think.”


I have a beautiful wife and two young kids that are so much fun. I strongly believe in work-life balance for both myself, my teams and the company. I believe creativity is fueled by downtime.


I really can bring your great ideas to life, and help you fine-tune them along the way. If you building innovative web-based products in a small company sorry to say this but your pain is my passion.  It can be really easy, affordable and we can get started right away.  Tackling the right 20% of your problems will likely solve 80% of your pain.

You can see my LinkedIn profile here

Other Interestest

I am addicted to health and fitness metrics, which you can see by my app below as well as being very active and I have read about 125 books on health and fitness in the last 5 years or so.  Latest interest is in cyclocross.  I am very interested in making music, photography and even video filming and editing as time allows.


Happy Clients

I have built a few apps, one I am proud of


IT WAS My first app

The third heart rate variability app in the IOS app store. Now there are more than twenty.



For most athletes, this means they need more rest. 




For performing clinical research



IT's used by olympic athletes

The US Speed Skating Team uses it


THEY won GOLD meDals

One athlete contacted me and said HRV+ helped my training during 2015.  I looked at Wikipedia she won four gold medals that year.

It's simple and great

You can check it out.